Monday, January 30, 2012

Trailer: Game of Thrones - Season Two

I'm a late comer to George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Fire And Ice. I only just finished watching season one of HBO's adaptation, named for the first novel, Game of Thrones, and I found it so richly entertaining that I felt the need to begin reading the books the moment the closing credits began on the final episode. I'd just purchased a Kindle, so I decided to make A Game of Thrones the first book I'd read on the device.

I've found it a very easy and engrossing read; I'm already 40% through it. The HBO series follows it pretty closely, so if anything, it serves as an excellent complement to the novel. I've not yet decided whether to read the second book, A Clash of Kings, before watching season two of the show, but chances are I'll wait until the season is over before continuing to read. (I definitely won't wait for the third season to begin reading book three.)

A trailer for season two hit the web yesterday. Its task is to whet the viewer's appetite for the season; this it accomplishes deftly, focusing on two of the show's most interesting and complex characters: Varys the eunuch and Tyrion Lannister. April 1 can't come quickly enough!

As an aside: when it comes to reading for long periods of time, I much prefer the Kindle to the iPad. The iPad is heavy, which makes it difficult to hold with one hand for a long time, and the backlit screen is hard on the eyes, especially after staring at computer monitors at work all day long. The Kindle is lightweight (less than six ounces), easy on the eyes, very readable in sunlight, and straightforward to navigate. At Marco Ament's recommendation, I opted for the "special offers" version of the base model. The ads are very unobtrusive, never interrupting reading, which makes it an easy way to save $30. (If I traveled often, I would have opted for the 3G version.)

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