Friday, January 6, 2012

In the meantime...

I'm busy putting together my best-of-2011 post—you didn't seriously think I wasn't going to write one, did you?—but in the meantime, I have some bullet-point thoughts to offer on some new (to me, at least) artists.

People to pay attention to:

  • Katy Tiz - This woman is putting forth some tightly-crafted, catchy tunes, with excellent vocals and lyrics, to boot.
  • Moxiie - More catchy pop music, and she's offering her EP for download in return for a tweet. Proof that in the 21st century, publicity is worth a lot more than $4.

And in the category of "I really want to like but don't really" stands Lana Del Rey. Her video for "Born to Die" is good, as is the song, but it's just not getting me excited the way the artists mentioned above are.

Shows I'll be seeing in the near future:

  • Tonight: Return to Mono, Stripmall Architecture, and TIGERcat. At the Rickshaw Stop. Tickets at the door are $10.
  • January 19: Katy B and The Good Natured, at the Rickshaw Stop. Tickets are $13. I adore Katy B's debut album, and The Good Natured are growing on me.
  • January 28: The Nerdist Podcast Live. I love Chris Hardwick and his cohorts (Jonah Ray and Matt Mira), so I'm looking forward to this with great anticipation. Tickets are $30 + fee = $41.50.
  • January 29: w00tstock Founders' Night, at the Marines' Memorial Theatre. Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, and Paul & Storm serve up a night of comedy and musical nerdery. And since it's right in the middle of SF Sketchfest, there's a good chance of guest appearances. Tickets are $35 + $5 fee.
  • March 25: The Ting Tings, at the Fillmore. Really looking forward to hearing Sounds From Nowheresville! Tickets are $25 + LiveNation fees, so probably close to $40, and they go on sale this Sunday.