Monday, January 9, 2012

Best albums of 2011

Here it is, my list of the best albums and EPs of 2011. Presented in alphabetical order, and without commentary. (Talking about music, dancing about architecture, etc.) Enjoy!

Notice a glaring omission? Want to recommend something? Drop a note in the comments.

Coming soon are my other best-of-2011 posts: best songs and notable live shows.


  1. I must add a late entrant to this list: Gotye – Making MirrorsSoundCloud – I discovered this album today, thanks to a tweet from Bright Light Bright Light. It's a complex, intricate, well-crafted album that merits a listen.

  2. OMG yay! I've been waiting for these lists. You just cost me a pretty penny. Thanks!!! :) I'm going to have to keep up with this blog throughout the year so that the end-of-year lists won't hit my checkbook quite so hard.

  3. I'm glad to do my part to stimulate the economy. =P